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Education Specialist

The goal of the Education Specialist (EdS) program is to furnish students with advanced skills in instructional technology and learning sciences beyond those acquired with the master's degree.

The program focus is practical, applied, and grounded in theory. Students can complete coursework in interactive instructional tool building, advanced interactive multimedia design, adult and distance education, or research and evaluation among other areas. All EdS students complete the same ITLS research core courses as our PhD students.

Students with this degree are prepared to assume leadership positions in industry, business, education, government, and private organizations. The EdS student will graduate with research experience but do a creative project or internship rather than a thesis or dissertation.

The EdS is available at the Logan, Utah State University campus.

Degree Requirements

  • Completed within six years of matriculation.
  • Complete a culminating experience: A creative project, practicum, or internship.
  • 30 or more semester credits beyond an ITLS master’s degree.
  • 39 credits for students with a master’s degree in another field, which includes 9 credits of ITLS master’s core courses.
  • A culminating experience: A creative project or internship.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Program Pathway

  1. Acceptance to the ITLS program and work with your temporary advisor: Sheri Haderlie.
  2. Attend the face to face orientation in Logan, UT.
  3. Register online for courses each semester through
  4. Choose your committee chair (advising professor).
  5. Complete all coursework.
  6. Complete a culminating experience, either a Creative Project or Internship.