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New Equipment in the Design Lab for Student Use


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new virtual reality (vr) headset
New HTC Vive VR Space

Aubrey Rogowski, the ITLS Design Lab Manager, spent the Summer improving the Design Lab (Educ 270), including purchasing new equipment for students to use. "This is a student space and we really want students to come and own this place," Rogowski, a current ITLS student herself, said. "Come in between classes, come and make stuff, come and be social here."

The new equipment available to students includes a virtual reality headset and space set up for a virtual reality experience, a new Cricut Maker (a machine that can cut fabric, leather, paper, vinyl, etc.), and a new conference room table with a cutting mat at the end. Rogowski has also moved the sewing/embroidery machine to a more accessible location. Rogowski wants ITLS students to know this is a space for them to use. Any ITLS student can get a keycard to the room by requesting it from Deidri Neilson ( Students can schedule the room via the room reservation page on the ITLS website. Students can come study, play, or just hangout in the room any time it is not being used for a meeting.

The equipment is also available for students to use at any time. There are some resources available (e.g., a tutorial on how to use the Laser Cutter made by Ryan Cain and Kevin Lawanto) on the Design Lab page. Rogowski also plans to hold monthly maker workshops themed around a piece of equipment in the Design Lab. Below is a list of the equipment and material available in the room with a brief description.

Sewing/Embroidery Machine

sewing machine with a big magnifying glass

A sewing machine and embroidery machine is available for eTextiles. A large magnifying glass is also available for detailed stitching.

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker can cut fabric, leather, paper, vinyl, etc.

Soldering Equipment

soldering station in the Design Lab, with the soldering supplies

Soldering is a technique used mostly to do detailed work on circuit boards and other electronics. All the equipment is available here.

HTC Vive VR Space

HTC Vive VR headset

A virtual reality headset is  available in a small room in the back of the Design Lab. The space is calibrated to work with the headset. Faculty or the Design Lab manager can open the room.

Laser Cutter

laser cutter

The laser cutter can cut thicker material such as wood or metal. Please watch the online tutorials before using this machine.

Conference Room Table

conference room table

This conference room table is available for meetings. It fits at least eight chairs. A cutting mat is available at the end of the table.

Recyclable Material

recyclable material

Cardboard, paper, and plastic are available in four bins tucked under a couple of the shelves.



A playstation, a television, and game controllers are available. The television is also available for presentations and is connected to an Apple TV.

Computer with STEAM Games

screenshot of a MIT Scratch game
There is a computer with a STEAM account for gameplay.


a couch in the Design Lab

There are two couches near a whiteboard and the television with the playstation.


a camera in the Design Lab

Several cameras are in the design lab. You can contact Kris Borecki ( to gain access to use the cameras for research.

Board Games

board games

A shelf of board games are available to play. Sometimes game jams are held in the Design Lab.

Miscellaneous Material

supply shelf

Other supplies include paper, felt, colored pencils, hot glue gun, etc.


Legos are also available.


K'Nex pieces piled up

K'Nex are similar to legos, but with different possibilities.

Student-Built Arcade Machine

the student-built arcade machine

You can play Pac-Man and other classic games on this student-built arcade machine.

Requests for equipment, other needs, or questions can be sent to Aubrey Rogowski. If you are interested in teaching one of the monthly maker workshops, please also contact Rogowski at