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Computer Labs

a keyboard (decorative)

Photo courtesy: Katarina Pantic


Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences provides a computer lab for its students and instructors. The computer lab is used as a classroom, but when a class is not scheduled it is an open lab to ITLS registered students only.

All computers run Mac OS.

Door Access Codes

  • If you are a graduate student in ITLS, contact the ITLS office (room 215) or your faculty advisor.
  • If you are enrolled in an ITLS course, contact your instructor.

Lab and Classroom Guidelines / Securities Precautions

  • DO NOT give door codes out to others or prop doors open.
  • The ITLS labs are NOT part of USU's open access computer lab system.
  • DO NOT bring food and/or drink into labs.
  • Save backup copies of your work. Hard Drives may be reformatted at any time, without notice.
  • Bring headphones if you need to play audio.
  • Clean up after yourself. Push your chair in. Put the room back the way it should be. Shut down your computer.
  • Be considerate of other's time, frustrations, and desire to work.
  • Have any question, concerns, or to report abuse contact Kris Borecki.

Contact Information

Contact Kris Borecki if you encounter a problem and/or need some technical help. His contact info is:

Kris Borecki
EDUC 283
ITLS System Administrator
(435) 760-3692