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ITSA Officers | ITLS

Mark Weiss

Mark Weiss, President


Mark Weiss is a recently minted PhD, having successfully defended his multiple paper dissertation. Prior to pursuing both an MS and PhD, Mark owned a multi-divisional company that sourced and manufactured products in China, Taiwan, Chile and Europe and distributed them in the United States. Mark views the opportunity to combine business experience with the rigors of academia to carve out the next 30 years of his life. Mark hopes ITSA can learn to understand student needs and find ways the student organization can help meet those needs.

Megan Hamilton

Megan Hamilton, PhD Vice President


Megan Hamilton is a doctoral student in the ITLS Department at Utah State University. She worked for USU Extension as a STEM Professional Practice Assistant Professor prior to beginning her PhD studies at USU. Her research interests include K-12 STEM education, increasing diversity in STEM programs, and developing STEM partnerships between informal and formal learning environments. Megan is the newest addition to the ITEST grant and the Playful Explorations Lab Team working as a research assistant for Dr. Jody Clarke-Midura.

Matthew Havertz

Matthew Havertz, Master's On-Campus Vice President


Matthew Havertz is an MS student on campus. He graduated with department honors and as the Outsanding Graduate in Digital Media from Weber State University. His focus as an undergraduate was video production and editing and you can check out a sample of his work on his website, He came to Utah State to learn about and research how videos are used in education. Matthew is loves living in Logan with his wife and two daughters. On the side, he loves camping and hiking.

Helaman BerRios

Helaman BerRios, Master's Online Vice President


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Jared Roller

Jared Roller, Communications Officer


Jared Roller grew up in Oregon and made his way to Utah for a change. He is married with four boys. He is a PhD student in the department, interested in alternative instructional methods like educational games, problem-based learning, and those often used by the home school community.