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How to Apply

We're here to guide you through each step of the application process. Create an account and start your application at the application website.
See below for ITLS department-specific requirements. The graduate school website can be challenging to navigate. Janet Blad is happy to answer your questions.

Graduate Program Application Fee Waiver Information

Apply now for graduate level phd, masters, multimedia development or Slma certificate

APPLY NOW FOR human experience design and interaction Bas, Multimedia development or slma certificate 

Application Deadlines

We accept master's students twice a year and PhD students once a year. Late applications will be accepted on a space-available basis only. Bachelor's students can apply any time.

Programs Application Deadline Start Semester
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) December 15, 2021 Fall
Master’s Programs (MEd, MA, MS) April 1, 2021*; Any time for remaining openings Fall
Master’s Programs (MEd, MA, MS) October 15, 2021*; Any time for remaining openings Spring
Master’s Programs (MEd, MA, MS) Apply Any Time!* Summer
Education Specialist (EdS) Apply Any Time Any
Human Experience Design and Interaction (BS) Apply any time! Fall
Multimedia Development Minor Apply any time! Fall
School Library Media Administration (SLMA) Certificate* Apply any time! Fall 

*We give full consideration to Master’s students who apply by the Fall and Spring deadlines above and then hold remaining openings until they are filled. Students can start our program (including taking our 1 credit orientation class) year round.  

**If you want to pursue the School Library Media Administration certificate, you may apply as a non-matriculated student. Contact Sheri Haderlie at to learn more.

Graduate School Admission Requirements

ITLS Specific

General Requirements

  • A bachelor's or master's degree before the program starts
  • GPA: 3.0 or higher for your most recent credits (the last 60 credits for semester-based programs or 90 credits for quarter-based programs)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • In recognition of the high cost and low predictive validity of admissions tests ITLS no longer requires the GRE or MAT.

TOEFL or IELTS (for international students only)

  • International students may replace this requirement with two years’ attendance at an English-speaking college or university (e.g., United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand or Australia).
  • Passing TOEFL: Internet based - 79; Computer based - 214; Paper based - 550
  • Passing IETLS: Overall score - 6; Subscale scores - 5

Writing sample

  • PhD and MS: Choose a writing sample that cites references and demonstrates your academic writing skills, such as a research paper, honors thesis, or theory paper. Writing samples that include a research design, data collection, and analysis with presentation of results or findings are ideal, though not required.
  • MA, MEd and EdS: Choose a writing sample that demonstrates your skill or potential in academic writing. Ideal samples include academic papers, lesson plans, design documents, evaluation reports, or other professional documents.

Statement of purpose

  • Include your statement of purpose with your graduate school application.
  • We don’t require a specific word count. Please take the time to thoughtfully describe why you wish to seek this degree at USU.

Multimedia Development Minor

This minor, which can be paired with any major at USU, is designed for students interested in multimedia production or design, especially computer-based instructional media.

To apply, fill out and sign our Multimedia Development Minor Planning Sheet and Information Form. Turn it in at the Emma Eccles Jones Education Building, room 215.

For more information, see the Multimedia Development Minor page.

School Library Media Administration Program

This program is available as an undergraduate minor or graduate endorsement. Students will do all the required course work and practicum experiences to apply for the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) library media K-12 endorsement. To seek the endorsement, students must have or be working toward a Utah teaching license.

To apply to this program, you must be admitted to USU. Start with the undergraduate online application process or the graduate online application process.

Only the Endorsement

If you have a degree and only want the USBE endorsement, apply to USU as an undergraduate. On the application, choose the certificate/endorsement as your reason for applying. Your application fee will be waived.

Once you are a USU student, you’ll work with your program advisor to complete the appropriate course work. For more information, see the SLMA page.

Tuition & Funding

Tuition and fees vary from year to year. Use these links to learn more.

  • On-Campus Students (Logan main or any regional campus), use the campus tuition and fee schedule: Tuition and Fees (Registrar's Office). Find the current ‘Tuition and Fee Schedule’ link under 'Tuition Rates'. Page 5 of this document will also show the current college differential tuition rate that is in addition to the Logan campus tuition and fee amount.
  • Online Graduate Students do not use the tuition and fee schedule linked above to determine tuition and fees. Online students do not pay fees. Online tuition is negotiated as a Special Program Rate. The current rate is $458 per credit. The college differential tuition rate (found on page 5 of the link above) is also charged in addition to the Special Program Rate.
  • Online Undergraduate Who Live Out-of-State is also negotiated as a Special Program Rate. The current rate is $359 per credit. The college differential tuition rate (found on page 5 of the link above) is also charged in addition to the Special Program Rate.
  • Online Undergraduate Who Live In-State will be charged from the regular tuition and fee tables found in the Tuition and Fee Schedule document.

Go to the Funding Page for more information.

ITLS Orientation

This one credit online asynchronous course is offered each semester and is required of all graduate students. You will learn how to be successful in the program and in your future careers while getting to know other students and faculty.

International students should check with the office of global engagement for additional requirements at the start of their programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about your programs?

We love to connect with prospective students! To learn more about our programs, contact Janet Blad.

Do you offer online degrees?

Yes! Our master's degrees can be completed totally online. Check out our programs page to see which degrees are offered online.

Do you offer undergraduate degrees?

We're currently developing a new ITLS bachelor's program! Undergraduates can also add the Multimedia Development Minor or the School Library Media Administration Minor to their degree.

Can I meet with professors before applying?

Yes! We encourage students, especially at the PhD level, to talk with professors about their research. You can learn more on our faculty pages.

How soon can I start?

You’ll start at the beginning of spring or fall semester, depending on your application date.

What type of undergraduate degree do I need to apply to the ITLS graduate programs?

We are a multidisciplinary field! We accept applicants from all degrees and majors.

How long do your graduate programs take?

You can go at your own pace. Most graduate students take two or three classes per semester. Master's students typically finish the program within two or three years. PhD students typically finish in four to six years.

Can I still be admitted if I've missed the deadline?

If the deadline has passed, you’ll need to submit a petition to the Petition Review Committee. Please call the department directly to get more information.

Can I transfer credit from another university?

In general, students may be eligible to transfer up to 12 credits from another university. You’ll need approval from your advisor and the USU graduate school.

Each degree does require a certain number of credit hours (residency requirements) to be obtained on USU campus.

How do I find out what's required to complete my degree?

Planning sheets for every program are available in the Programs and Current Students sections.

What are the GPA requirements for admission?

A GPA of 3.0 is required for admission to the graduate school.

What are the GRE and MAT requirements?

Our department is currently not requiring these tests to enter into one of our programs.