Professor and Department Head

Department of Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences
Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services
Utah State University

Work History


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
B.A., University of Pennsylvania

Potential Graduate Students

The department of Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences welcomes applications from talented students interested in our Masters or PhD programs. Applications are due in January (doctoral) and May (Masters) for a following fall matriculation date.

Apply online at:

Doctoral students who are interested in working with me should send an email query, describing their background and research interests. In 2013, I was awarded the University Graduate Mentor Award.

The following video clip shows some of my work with students.

Completed Doctoral Students

Doctoral students I have advised are listed below. Often, these students are funded through research grants, and have published based on their collaborations with me and other faculty members. I work closely with students and mentor them to pursue research or academic careers.

Lei Ye (Ph.D. Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, August 2013)
Bart Palmer (Ph.D. Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, May 2012)
Beijie Xu (Ph.D. Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, May 2011)
Kristy Bloxham (Ph.D. Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, December 2010)
Delroy Brinkerhoff (Ph.D. Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, May 2010)
Xin Mao (Ph.D. Instructional Technology, December 2007)
Deonne Dawson (Ph.D. Instructional Technology, August 2007)
Jim Rogers (Ph.D. Instructional Technology, August 2007)
Stacie Gomm (Ph.D. Instructional Technology, August 2004)
Andrew E. Walker (Ph.D. Instructional Technology, December 2002)

Post-doctoral Fellow Advising

David Wiley, 2000-2001