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Dr. Ilana Dubovi

Dr. Ilana Dubovi

Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Contact Information

Phone: 435-737-0072


health-professionals’ education, nursing education, complex systems learning, model-based learning, technology in education


Ilana Dubovi is a current post-doctoral fellow in the Vital Collaborative lab. In particular, her position applies to “innovations in nursing and health education" research area. Her PhD work encompasses the development, design, implementation, and evaluation of computerized learning platforms (e.g., model based learning and virtual worlds) of academic learning in the health professions to address the gap between theory and practice.

Prior to entering the postdoctoral position, Ilana worked a Head of Computer Simulation Unit at the Cheryl Spencer Dept. of Nursing, University of Haifa, Israel.

Selected publications:

Dubovi, I., Dagan, E., Sader-Mazbar, O., Nasar, L., & Levy, S.T. (In Press). Nursing Students Learning with Complexity-Based Computerized Models the Pharmacology of Diabetes Mellitus: A Quasi-Experimental Study. Nurse Education Today.

Dubovi, I., Levy, S.T. & Dagan, E. (2017). Pushing Syringes, Diluting Solutions, and Splicing Tablets to Improve Proportional Reasoning: Nursing Students’ Situated Simulation-Based Learning. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 1-19. doi:10.1007/s10763-017-9842-2           

Dubovi, I., Levy, S.T. & Dagan, E. (2017). Now I know how! The learning process of medication administration among nursing students with non-immersive desktop virtual reality simulation. Computers and Education, 113, 16-27.