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Multimedia Minor


Photo courtesy: Katarina Pantic

What the Degree is About

Employment opportunities for graduates with multimedia development skills are increasing as hundreds of companies are being established to meet the demand for well-designed multimedia materials. This 15-credit undergraduate minor is designed for the individual who would enjoy producing multimedia computer-based training or communications materials.

Degree Requirements

Students selecting this minor must fill out and sign our Multimedia Minor Planning Sheet and Student Information Form and turn it into Emma Eccles Jones Education building, room 215 to officially be accepted into the program. The multimedia minor coordinator (Deidri Nielson) must sign the form also. The coordinator is available during the academic school year for walk-in advising Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm (with an exception of lunch time). Advising appointments are recommended.

How to Apply

  • See the Multimedia Minor Planning Sheet for descriptions of the courses offered in the multimedia minor.
  • Complete the Multimedia Minor Information Form. Select 5 courses (15 hours) you might be interested in taking and record them in pencil.
  • Schedule a meeting with Deidri Nielson to get more information about the courses and review your information form.
    If everything is in order, she will sign your information form and enroll you in the minor. If you are interested in petitioning a different course for the minor, please bring a current course description.

Once you are near graduation or taking your last class for the minor, contact ITLS Department for a final review and to have the minor added to your transcript.