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Breanne Litts

Breanne Litts

Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Contact Information

Office Hours: By Appointment
IconPhone: (435) 797-0142


Breanne Litts investigates how people learn by and collaborate through making, designing, and producing and develops technologies and learning environments to support these activities. Her scholarly interests combine identity, learning, design, and technology, particularly from a learning sciences perspective. She has conducted extensive research and evaluation in both formal and out-of-school contexts examining how to leverage new technologies, like mobile apps and games, to support learning. As part of this work, Dr. Litts has co-design numerous tools and curricula for K-12 ranging from forgiveness education to computer science. She has explored issues around the maker movement in education, focusing on designing makerspaces and learning through making. Her more recent work explores learning through making interdisciplinary, multimodal, and computational artifacts, such as e-textiles—in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania and Exploring Computer Science­—and the Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling (ARIS) mobile development platform—in partnership with the Field Day Lab. Dr. Litts currently examines how to leverage storytelling to make computing and making more accessible; for example, with NSF support (AISL #1623404), she is working with her Co-PI’s and in partnership with American Indian communities to co-design culturally responsive maker activities and spaces using storytelling heritage practices.

Research Interests

Learning through design/making
Mobile Technologies
Design Thinking
Computational Thinking
Collaborative Learning
Culturally Responsive Making
Equity & Accessibility
Design Research
Research-Practice Partnerships