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Instructional Technology Student Association

the term 'ITSA'

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  • It's a free club to join and anyone is welcome!
  • ITSA stands for the Instructional Technology Student Association.
  • ITSA gives students access to 3D printers and laser cutters.
  • ITSA club members are interested in instructional design, video game design, multimedia design, computer programming and coding, and much more.
  • ITSA's mission is to create positive atmosphere wherein professional excellence and moral principles coexist.
  • ITSA creates a great opportunity to network with fellow students, faculty, alumni, & potential employers.
  • All ITLS students are automatically members.

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ITSA leadership

  • President: Megan Hamilton
  • Vice President, PhD Representative: Jared Roller
  • Vice President, Master's Distance Representative: David Moore
  • Vice President, Master's On campus Representative: Ruth Fontana
  • Communications Officer: Juliet Stinson

Meet the members of the ITSA Council.

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