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Instructional Technology Student Association

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Did you know

  • ITSA stands for the Instructional Technology Student Association.
  • It is free to join and all ITLS students are invited to join.
  • ITSA's mission is to create positive atmosphere wherein professional excellence and moral principles coexist.
  • ITSA is dedicated to all the students in the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Department.
  • Most of all, ITSA creates a great opportunity to network to network with fellow students, faculty, alumni, & potential employers.
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ITSA leadership

  • President: Mark Weiss
  • Vice President, PhD Representative: Megan Hamilton
  • Vice President, Master's Distance Representative: Helaman BerRios
  • Vice President, Master's On campus Representative: Matthew Havertz
  • Communications Officer: Jared Roller

*Meet the members of the ITSA Council.

To send your comments, questions or suggestions to ITSA Council, please complete the following ITSA form.

Calendar of Events

Brown Bags

    Fall 2016:

  • Sep. 8 - ITLS Brainstorming session (Location: Design Lab)
  • Sep. 15 - Jason McDonald
  • Sep 19th - street painting for homecoming
  • Sep 22nd - Dr. Drake and Dr. Peterson (LetterPress Software)
  • Sep 29th - Wedding Shower for Paula
  • Oct 22nd - Conferences and Networking (panel)
  • Nov 17th - Faculty Candidate: Alejandro Andrade
  • Dec 1st - Ugly sweater competition
  • Dec 8th - Faculty Candidate: Crystle Martin

Spring 2017:

  • Jan. 19th - Writing Jam
  • Feb 2nd - Marion Jensen (Discover)
  • Feb 16th - Open House for Potential Students
  • March 17th - St Patty's Potluck
  • March 23rd - Heather Leary
  • March 30th - eLearning Brothers
  • April 6th - Liang Yu
  • April 9th - Poster Party
  • April 13th - Nathan Blaylock: UX/UI designers
  • April 14th - International Potluck
  • April 20th - Haiti group
  • TBD - Spring Social

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