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Cost and Funding


The cost of tuition and fees varies from year to year and is determined by the Utah legislature. The following links will help you determine the costs associated with a degree at Utah State University:

  • Tuition and Fees (Registrar's Office) - This is where you will find the tuition schedule for on-campus students. It includes information related to undergraduate, graduate and regional campus students. Scroll down to see the Tuition and Fees Schedule for the current year (PDF).
  • Online Students - Students taking classes online do not use the tuition fee table linked above. The current tuition-only rate for all ITLS online courses is $473.70 per credit.


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The most up-to-date funding opportunities are sent out on the student listserv (the mailing list).


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Many of the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences students, especially our online students, receive funding to complete their graduate work through their employer.

Ask your current employer if furthering your education and training would benefit their organization. The skills, training and tools students gain from mastering educational technology have literally benefited hundreds of other companies and organizations.

Please feel free to refer your manager to us:

Call or email Deidri Nielson (435-797-2694) for more information about our programs or to set up an appointment.

Our department head, Dr. Andrew Walker, is also happy to talk. Please see his faculty page.

2830 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322-2830


The Graduate Studies Financial Information Page includes a list of available scholarships. This page also includes information about insurance, assistantships, fellowships, tuition awards, travel support and other financial assistance.

Here are several scholarships ITLS students have received in the past:

Wesley & Lucille Soulier Scholarship

The Wesley D. and Lucille S. Soulier Scholarship is awarded to a graduate student studying in the Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Department. The recipients must be married students and must demonstrate financial need. Funding varies based on availability.

Byron R. & Shirley Burnham Scholarship

Recipients should demonstrate financial need and personal integrity. This scholarship may be awarded to full-time graduate students who have been accepted into the ITLS program. Students should demonstrate academic potential as evidenced by having attained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50. Funding varies based on availability.

ITLS Department Tuition Scholarships

The ITLS Department often awards several $1000 scholarships each Spring. Students must be taking at least six credits in the next Summer and/or Fall semester.

ITLS Department Research and Development Scholarships

This scholarship is specifically available to help fund research or project expenses. When applying for this scholarship, you will need to describe your project and the expenses associated with it.

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There are also scholarship search sites and apps, like Scholly, available to assist students searching for scholarships. Many of these sites will connect your unique profile to specific scholarships available to you. The ITLS Department is not responsible for any of the content, information, or terms of use associated with these sites.

To be updated on current funding opportunities, we encourage prospective students to subscribe to the student listserv.

Financial Aid and Loans

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To qualify for financial aid and student loans, you will first need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA can take several hours to complete, but once completed, it can be renewed each year. It is a good idea to complete this application, regardless of your status or funding opportunities. Many scholarships and assistantships require a FAFSA to be on file.

After completing the FAFSA, follow the steps on Utah State's financial aid page. This page includes information about financial aid, student loans, and work study applications. Most graduate student easily qualify for student loans.

The Graduate Studies Financial Aid page may also be helpful when searching for financial aid.


The ITLS Department often has graduate research and teaching assistantships available. The department also offers four years of gauranteed funding to standout PhD applicants through our doctoral scholars program. All three forms of funding are awarded after admissions decisions are made.

Very often, information about new assistantship opportunities (inside and outside the ITLS Department), are emailed out on the student listserv. Prospective students are encouraged to join the mailing list and reach out to faculty for more information about potential opportunities.

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Tuition Waivers and Assistance

ITLS faculty have been awarded many grants for their research. Many faculty budget in tution for their research assistants. Coverage for all types of students (non-resident, out-of-state, in-state and differential) is available based on assistantship status, degree program, and merit.

The Graduate Studies Assistantships Page includes additional information about graduate assistantships at Utah State.

Note that fees are always the responsibility of the student.

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Tuition Waiver Qualifications  PhD  EdS  MEd  MA  MS-A
Research non-resident with assistantship
  • domestic student – first year only
  • international student – duration of program
  • .50 FTE assistantship (20 hours/week)
  • matriculated into ITLS program
  • full-time (registered for 6 or more graduate credits)
X       X
University non-resident for excellence (criteria effective Fall 2017)
  • first year only
  • matriculated into ITLS program
  • above the average of students admitted fall semester in the college – computed each October
      • admission GPA > 3.66
      • GRE verbal > 68.4%
      • GRE quant >77.2%
      • MAT .. insufficient data from last year, not an option
College in-state and differential
  • .50 FTE assistantship (20 hours/week)
  • matriculated into ITLS program
  • full-time (registered for 6 or more graduate credits)
  • credits on Program of Study – < 70 credits