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Professional Organizations

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American Educational Research Association (AERA)

AERA is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results.

Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT)

The AECT is a professional association of thousands of educators and others whose activities are directed towards improving instruction through technology. Technology is interpreted as a process, not merely in terms of hardware (such as computers or television or projectors), but in terms of learners and their relationship to the people, events, places, and things through which they learn.

American Evaluation Association (AEA)

AEA is an international professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. The American Evaluation Association's mission is to: improve evaluation practices and methods, increase evaluation use, promote evaluation as a profession, and support the contribution of evaluation to the generation of theory and knowledge about effective human action.

Cognitive Science Society 

The Cognitive Science Society, Inc. is a non-profit professional organization, which brings together researchers from many fields who hold a common goal: understanding the nature of the human mind. The Society promotes scientific interchange among researchers in disciplines such as Cognitive Science, including Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Education.

National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST)

The NARST is a worldwide organization of professionals committed to the improvement of science teaching and learning through research. Since its inception in 1928, NARST has promoted research in science education and the communication of knowledge generated by academic research.

International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS)

The ISLS is a leading professional society for academics, professionals and students seeking to advance the sciences and practices of learning. ISLS is devoted to expanding the impacts and relevancies of the field and its exciting potentials for transforming the future of learning and collaboration.

International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)

Founded in 1962, the ISPI is a leading international association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. ISPI's mission is to improve the performance of individuals and organizations through the application of Human Performance Technology.

American Library Association (ALA)

The ALA's mission is, "To provide leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all." Utah Chapter

Divisions: American Association of School Librarians - The mission of the American Association of School Librarians is to advocate excellence, facilitate change, and develop leaders in the school library media field.

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)

AACE (founded in 1981) is an international, educational, and professional organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, theory, and quality of learning and teaching with information technology. This purpose is accomplished through the encouragement of scholarly inquiry related to information technology in education and the dissemination of research results and their applications through: publications, conferences, divisions/societies/chapters, and inter-organizational projects.

International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (IAIED)

IAIED is an interdisciplinary community at the frontiers of the fields of computer science, education and psychology. It promotes rigorous research and development of interactive and adaptive learning environments for learners of all ages, across all domains. The society brings together a community of members in the field through the organization of conferences, a Journal, and other activities of interest.

American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T)

"Since 1937, the ASIS&T has been the society for information professionals leading the search for new and better theories, techniques, and technologies to improve access to information".

"ASIS&T brings together diverse streams of knowledge, focusing on what might be disparate approaches into novel solutions to common problems. ASIS&T bridges the gaps not only between disciplines but also between the research that drives and the practices that sustain new developments."

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

ACM , the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM provides the computing field's premier Digital Library and serves its members and the computing profession with leading-edge publications, conferences, and career resources.

Special Interest Groups:

Special Interest Group for Information Retrieval - SIGIR focuses on all aspects of information storage, retrieval and dissemination, including research strategies, output schemes and system evaluations.

Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction - SIGCHI is the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology & human-computer interaction (HCI). Members work in fields as diverse as user interface design, human factors, computer science, psychology, engineering, graphics and industrial design, entertainment, and telecommunications. From the design of new input devices, to the implementation of the most advanced virtual reality systems, we contribute to the leading edge of current practice and research that shape both the present and the future of HCI.

American Society for Engineering Education

Founded in 1893, the American Society for Engineering Education is a nonprofit organization of individuals and institutions committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology. In pursuit of academic excellence, ASEE develops policies and programs that enhance professional opportunities for engineering faculty members, and promotes activities that support increased student enrollments in engineering and engineering technology colleges and universities.

International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA)

Our members are classroom teachers from elementary to high school, local and state/ provincial supervisors, college/university faculty, and museum staff. Their common ground is an interest and involvement in technology and engineering education. Founded in 1939, ITEA brings together technology education professionals to share ideas, gain professional development, and improve public understanding of technological literacy. ITEEA Home

Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)

MERLOT is a leading edge, user-centered, searchable collection of peer reviewed and selected higher education, online learning materials, catalogued by registered members and a set of faculty development support services. MERLOT's vision is to be a premiere online community where faculty, staff, and students from around the world share their learning materials and pedagogy.