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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I be admitted to a program if I have missed the deadline?

In order to be accepted after a deadline has passed you will need to submit a petition to the petitions committee. Please call the department directly to get further information about the petitions process.

Can I transfer credit from another university?

Transferring of credits requires approval from your advisor (you will be assigned a temporary advisor upon acceptance of your application) and the USU Graduate School. However, in general a student may be eligible to transfer up to 12 credits from another university.

Be aware that each degree does require a certain number of credit hours (residency requirements) to be obtained on USU campus.

How detailed should my personal statement be?

While it's difficult to set a specific length for the personal statement, be aware that very short personal statements (e.g., a few sentences) may reflect negatively on your application. Please take the time to adequately describe your purpose in seeking a degree from the ITLS department at USU.

How do I apply for a program in the ITLS department?

To apply to the program you need to do the following:

  • Submit an application to the USU Graduate School (you can do this even before having all forms submitted).
  • Fill out a personal statement (part of the graduate school application).
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Register and take either the Miller's Analogy Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  • Provide a copy of your transcript.
  • Provide three letters of recommendation.

Further information about how to complete items 1-6 can be found on the USU Graduate School's "How to Apply" page.

How do I know what's required for completing my degree?

Degree planning sheets are available for every program under that programs name in the Academic Programs, and the Student sections.

What are the deadlines for applying for a program?

Doctor of Philosophy (on-campus only): Fall start = January 6th
Education Specialist (on-campus or online): Fall start = April 1st or Spring start = October 1st
Master's Programs (MA, MEd, MS) (on-campus or online): Fall start = April 1st or Spring start = October 1st

What are the GPA requirements for admission?

A GPA of 3.0 is required for admission to the graduate school.

What are the GRE & MAT requirements for being admitted?

A score in the 40th percentile on either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Miller's Analogy Test (MAT) is required for admission.